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Codename Outbreak
Size: 177 MB
Genre: Shooter
Language: English
Platform: PC
Publisher: Virgin Interactive

After a comet hit Planet Earth, mankind has a big problem: with the comet came alien parasites which turned humans into zombielike creatures. You are a member of a special forces team and you are ordered to do away with the alien scum. Another team member will help you on your way.

Codename: Outbreak is the typical 3D shooter: bogus story, many weapons, 14 large maps to explore and you’ll need to shoot down everything that moves. Of course, you have some missions to complete. The manual states that C:O is designed after “real-life special forces operations.

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Pentium II 266
4X CD-ROM Drive or faster
DirectX 8.0 certified 3D accelerator with at least 8MB of memory
DirectX 8.0 certified sound card
Pentium III 500
Riva TNT2 32MB
8X CD-ROM Drive

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